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Audiology Health
Hearing Aids
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  • Harris Communications, Inc.
    Offering assistive listening devices such as TTYs, amplified phones, videos, books, and novelities for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
  • Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation
    Distributes in-ear monitors for controlling the damaging effects of high sound levels experienced by musicians and production personnel.
  • Precision Audiotronics
    Pearls in-ear monitors, ER-15 musician's plugs and custom-molded ear devices.
    Sells hearing aids, listening devices, batteries, and hearing aid repair services.
  • Audiology Products
    Manufactures and sells the SoundShower, an assistive listening device, and infection control covers for headphones, telephones, and keyboards.
  • Avada
    Nationwide provider of audiological testing and treatment services.
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