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Back and Spine Health
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    Provides information and services to help understand, prevent, and seek appropriate treatment for back pain and related conditions. Also offers interactive spine animations and diagrams.
    Provides information, advice, and articles on back pain, arthritis, back injuries, and treatment options, as well as offering products to reduce discomfort.
    Provides information on conditions, therapies, exercises, and doctors who treat back pain.
  • Elite Massage Chairs
    Carries a variety of leather shiatsu massage chairs.
  • Knovelty
    Offers a selection of electric massage chairs, bidets, toilets, saunas, and more.
  • Relief-Mart, Inc.
    Offers instructional back exercises, orthopedic neck pillows, supports, spine traction belts, massagers, and more.
  • Relax The Back
    Products for the relief and prevention of back pain.
    Resource for information on back pain including symptons, causes, treatment options, doctor database, and more.
    Sells a variety of massage tables and supplies, fitness equipment, outdoor patio furniture, back care, pillows and bedding, and other comfort goods.
  • Lose the Back Pain
    Provides a self-treatment program as well as facts on back pain and sciatica covering treatments, exercises, stretches, and more.
  • Back Solution
    Offers the BodyBridge and other products.
  • Back Be Nimble
    Adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses, Bodybilt chairs, and back pain products for postural support night and day.
  • Bad Backs
    Comprehensive resource for back pain solutions including pain relieving products and medical information.
  • Backworks
    Products for people with back problems.
  • Christina Studio
    Offers lumbar back supports designed to fit the contours of the female anatomy.
  • Carefree Back Support
    Designed for the immediate relief of lower back pain caused by strain, stress and fatigue.
  • Spine Dr.
    Provides information to people with spinal symptoms, paramedical and medical spine healthcare practitioners, and spine surgeons.
  •, Inc.
    Supports and supplies including cervical pillows, lumbar supports, neck pillows, back braces and much more.
  • JoAnne's Bed & Back Shop
    Selling furniture and accessories designed to relieve back pain.
  • Home Exercise Program
    Offers exercise program and back pain information.
  • Massager Machines & More
    Sells massagers, massage chairs, vibrating units, body rollers, kneading rollers, foot and back massagers, and a range of health and beauty goods.
  • Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy
    Alternative medicine bodywork technique erasing muscle pain, headaches, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and foot pain by erasing key trigger points plus corrective exercise.
  • Thermo-Pad
    The instant heating pad that can be reused hundreds of times.
  • Healthy Back Store
    Products to prevent back pain.
  • Back Pain Resource Center
    Provides information on a variety of back pain relief skills such as treatment options, products to relieve back pain, exercise options, and more.
  • MagEyes, Inc.
    Makers of head mounted magnification optical quality lenses. Also offers Body-Rite, an ergonomic and preventive posture product.
  • BackMagic
    Handcrafted belt for lower back support.
    Sells no slip back supports for posture support and pain relief as well as braces, exercise equipment, cushions, and more.
  • Hang Ups Inversion Products
    Offers products to help relieve and/or prevent back pain and improve posture. Makes gravity boots, inversion tables, and inversion chairs.
  • Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy - Vax-D Therapy is a non-surgical therapy developed for the treatment of herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and sciatica.
  • Mayfield Clinic
    Providing compassionate care, excellent clinical skill, innovative research, and advanced education in neurology.
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