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Cardiovascular Care
Equipment and Supplies
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    Management of cardiovascular disease, treatment of peripheral vascular and obstructive diseases, and neurovascular management of stroke.
  • Cardiology Research
    Using WinCE Mobile channel technology to provide physicians with knowledge prompts and guidelines to help them make the correct decisions for patients.
  • lipidhealth - National Lipid Education Council's cholesterol management resource for healthcare professionals. Provides information on atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease risk factors, and clinical trials involving lipid modification therapy.
  • Cardiology Roundtable - Advisory Board Company's cardiology research program, dedicated to researching business and best clinical practices in cardiac care.
  • Ergoline
    Complete cardiac product range.
  • Heartmates
    Resources for the loved ones of heart patients. Tips, hints and videos.
  • Raytel Medical
    Gathers, organizes, and delivers patient care information to improve the management of clients' practices.
  • Colorado Heart Imaging
    Performs coronary artery scanning with Ultrafast CT, the noninvasive test that can identify coronary artery disease/atherosclerosis in its early stages.
  • National Cardiac Monitoring Center
    Offers full time and off-hours monitoring for a range of cardiac monitors and triage for patients with cardiac events monitors.
  • Heart CT Profile
    Scan of the heart that detects and measures the amount of calcium build-up in coronary arteries.
  • AstraZeneca Cardiovascular
    Offering cardiovascular information for healthcare professionals. Includes discussions on obesity, thrombosis, diabetes, arrhythmias, AstraZeneca products, and more.
  • Micro Medical Systems, Inc.
    Provides client based solutions for the integration and management of diverse patient data.
  • Save Your Heart
    Instructional program to control cholesterol levels without the use of drugs.
  • FastHeartBeat.Com
    Provides information about dangerously fast heart rhythms that can cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest and death with suggestions for prevention and treatment and physician referrals.
  • Advanced Perfusion Care
    Provides perfusion management services including personnel, hardware, disposables, and support services.
  • Blood Recovery Systems
    Offers a full autotransfusion service, autologous platelet gel, and part-time autotransfusion coverage.
  • My EKG on Web
    Secure and confidential web-based service for online storage of electrocardiograms (EKG, ECG).
  • Peripheral Angioplasty
    Technique of endovascular intervention for vascular disorders using stents, grafts, and atherectomy.
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