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Umbilical Cord Blood Storage
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  • Cord Blood Registry
    Biological storage company offering parents the opportunity to cryogenically store their baby's cord blood stem cells in case of future need.
  • CRYO-CELL International
    Cellular storage company specializing in preserving newborn babies' cord blood stem cells.
  • Viacord
    Enables parents to store their newborn's umbilical cord blood as a potential source of stem cells.
  • CorCell
    Offers to answer questions about the preservation of umbilical cord blood.
  • Cryobanks International
    Cryocenter concept unites parallel technologies of freezing autologous blood, semen and umbilical cord blood for future use.
  • New England Cord Blood Bank
    Provider of umbilical cord blood storage.
  • Lifebank Inc.
    Physician founded and operated umbilical cord blood banking company.
  • Lifebank Cryogenics Corp.
    Collects umbilical cord blood for storage for Canadian and international families.
  • Alpha Cord
    Provides a network of umbilical cord blood storage banks.
  • CORD, Inc.
    Cryobanking facilities for umbilical cord blood.
  • CureSource
    Umbilical cord blood storage company specializing in the collection, banking, preservation, and storage of stem cells found in cord blood.
  • UK Cord Blood Bank
    Private blood processing and storage facility.
  • Cord Blood Family Trust
    Dedicated to the collection and storage of stem cells found in umbilical cord blood after pregnancy.
  • Cbr NewScreen
    Offer expanded newborn screening and cord blood registry.
  • California Cryobank: Cord Blood Banking
    Offers cord blood banking information and services.
  • CryoCord
    Cord blood bank and stem cell research facility.
  • Cord Blood Family Trust Contest
    Accepting entries during pregnancy to win free umbilical cord blood banking and storage.
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