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    Resources from biochemist and dietician Allan Borushek, including books, recipes, and an online food database.
  • Free Weight
    Offers a collection of resources and products.
  • Weight Loss Diet Information
    Offers weight loss tips and diet plan.
  • Best of Weight Loss
    Directory of products and resources on health and fitness through dieting, proper nutrition, exercise, herbs and supplements.
    Offers reviews and product links for fat burners, diet supplements, and weight loss programs.
  • Weight Loss and Diet Help
    Featuring professional fitness help, articles, and forums.
  • MSO Weight Management Information
    Overview of obesity and its treatment.
  • Weight Loss Directory
    Contains weight loss tips and a directory of weight loss programs and web sites in a range of categories.
  • Physicians Weight Loss Centers
    Diet catalog featuring specially formulated weight loss products, programs, and services that impact weight management. Business opportunities available.
  • Weight No Longer
    Women's only support group. Includes articles, before and after pictures, inspiration, and challenges.
  • AROH Publishing Company
    Nutritionist Kenny Loy gives biblical and scientific reasons for a return to the original diet.
  • Bariatric Treatment Centers (BTC)
    Specializes in bariatric surgery that enables seriously overweight or morbidly obese individuals to lose their excess weight, keep it off, and live healthier lives.
  • Weight Loss Magazine
    Features articles devoted to weight loss, diets, and weight loss products.
  • Low Fat Veggie Food
    Offers low-fat vegetarian recipes, weight loss tips, chat, cookery books, slimming success stories, and more.
  • LEARN - The LifeStyle Company
    Products and training available for weight management, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, or eating disorders.
  • DietSmart
    Provider of custom diet and fitness programs online.
  • University Institute for the Surgery of Morbid Obesity (UNISMO)
    Provides treatment for the severely overweight by performing a gastric bypass procedure.
  • Marie France Bodyline
    Offers slimming and body-shaping programs.
  • RealSlimmers
    Provides online diets, weight loss advice, recipes, expert advice, slimming news, weight loss support, message boards, and case histories.
  • Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group (PBSMG)
    Offers surgical treatment for severe obesity.
  • Weight Management Centers
    Provides a educational, psychological, and behavioral program for permanent weight loss.
  • Form You 3 Weight Loss Centers
    Offers programs for weight reduction and management, diet products, and franchise opportunities.
  • American Association of LifeStyle Counselors (AALC)
    Working in the fields of weight control and stress management.
    Provides information on books and products, diets, nutrition, and exercises to assist reaching an ideal body weight.
    Offers information on weight loss programs, diets, and fitness products.
  • Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery Centers
    Provides minimally invasive surgical options for morbidly obese individuals.
  • Ready4AChange Gastric Banding
    Provides counseling and facilitates trips to Monterrey, Mexico, for clients seeking lap band procedures.
  • Quick Weight Loss Diet Pills
    Offers links to weight loss products, personal experiences, pills comparisons, and calculators.
  • Atlantic Surgical Associates
    Surgical treatment of morbid obesity through gastric bypass and gastroplasty.
    Features calorie counter and body mass index, and describes the basics of weight loss.
  • Amazing Weight Loss Products
    Offers interactive product reviews, information, resources, and links.
  • D&A Nutrition
    Offers program and products.
    Directory of weight loss programs, nutritional supplements, and fitness products.
  • SurgiLite Medical Group
    Providing surgical intervention for the morbidly obese through vertical ring gastric bypass and vertical ring gastroplasty, or stomach stapling.
    Uses innovative technology for a less invasive weight loss procedure with optimal benefits featuring an adjustable gastric banding system.
  • Lipidoctor Medical Slimming Clinics
    Provides infusion lipolysis as a non-surgical liposuction alternative to reduce fat, shrink cellulite, tighten skin, and define muscle.
  • Diet Plan Weight Loss Tips
    Provides dieting suggestions and tips including links to prescription medication, herbal supplement, and diet program sites.
  • Carol Hansen's Lighten Up
  • Sageera Weight Loss
    Features Mariana Bozesan's Diet for a New Life Program, with expert articles on weight loss and health issues as well as interactive tools and links to products.
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