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Wound Care
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  • Wounded Warrior
    Offers an ointment for use on various skin problems.
  • Amerx Health Care, Corp.
    Skin care products for wound care.
  • Vitality Medical
    Offers home medical supplies specializing in incontinence, respiratory, CPAP, foot pain care, and treatment of wounds and bedsores caused by urinary stress incontinence.
  • Ebon-Aide
    Adhesive bandages specially designed for people of color.
    Non-surgical solutions for healing pressure ulcers, chronic wounds, bedsores, and more.
  • Pro-Stat
    Liquid protein supplement for pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and other medical indications.
  • Healz-Plus, Inc.
    Treatment of wounds occurring in diabetes, venous stasis, and to bedridden patients.
  • Supply Wound Care
    Online shopping for wound care supplies including impregnated gauze, oil emulsion, iodoform, hydrogel, Xeroform, and ProtoDerm dressings.
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